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Open to the public, students, academics, communities, and individuals.

Participants must form a team consisting of at least one Producer and Director.

Participants must be Indonesian citizens living in Indonesia.

The work submitted is the original work of the participant; all materials in the film are free from copyright infringement.

Fill out the online registration form at


The submitted film must be a short film with a duration limit of 10-15 minutes (including end credits) for the Fiction/Documentary/Animation/Experimental/Hybrid Film category.

The submitted film must be produced after June 2023.

The submitted film has not been screened on any platform or festival.

Films must be in Full HD or DCP format and come with English subtitles.

Themes are open, but films must not be racially offensive.

Include Movie Title and Synopsis.

Completeness of data consists of Film Works, Still Photos, and Film Trailer (not exceeding 2 minutes).

All participant data will be kept confidential and can be managed as data on the film sub-sector creative economy industry.

Films uploaded via the URL link provided will be watched via streaming by the organizer.

The copyright of the submitted work remains with the participant.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel and revoke the award if there is evidence that questions the authenticity of the selected film.

The organizer is not responsible for any future copyright claims, assuming all entries are the original work of the entrant.

The organizer owns the broadcast rights and may use photographic material and footage for publicity purposes.

Registered films are national archives and may be promoted and distributed by mutual consent for the benefit of the filmmakers.